Help your child learn valuable coping skills

Designed by our team of in-house physicians to help your child develop emotional intelligence for the real world.

We research Mission Amygdala’s effect on emotional well-being

Our pilot research showed improved outcomes using our therapeutic conversational bots for adults with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Depression.

We design our games to strengthen your child’s emotional resilience

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Our games are designed based on core therapeutic principles.
For example, in the game “Fix BOT” your child must reprogram their robot’s emotional circuits while learning how our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors interact and impact ourselves and others.


Clinical Research

Our team of physicians use best practice and clinically proven methods to improve emotional resilience through psychoeducation and Cognitive Behavioural therapy.

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Our physicians and gaming experts work together to create games that give you the tools to optimize your mental health and wellness.

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Fun while you learn new skills

Mission Amygdala is designed to be a fun and engaging game that brings emotional education to life — This keeps your child’s emotional strength training entertaining, challenging, and something they will enjoy returning to for each new mission.

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Calmsie is currently conducting a clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy of Mission Amygdala to improve outcomes for users with depression and anxiety.

Participants and researchers are given free access to our applications. To enroll in a study or use our products for research purposes please fill out the form below and a Calmsie representative will contact you.

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